Founded by David Banoun and Alexandra Toubiana, Exclusive Staging and Design is built on their mutual love of great Design and Real Estate. After collaborating on several projects, they quickly realized that their complimentary skills would give rise to a successful venture by providing a tailored marketing tool to New York City brokers. 

Alexandra Toubiana was born in Paris and raised in the South of France where she developed her taste for Architecture and Art. After moving to New York in 2012, she started her career as an Interior Designer with a Real Estate firm specializing in luxury rentals. Alexandra has designed and furnished hundreds of luxury apartments all over New York City. Known for her impeccable work and French-style, Alexandra brought her talents to one of the most prestigious home staging companies in NYC.

However, Alexandra Toubiana is a born businesswoman with a natural sense of leadership. Naturally, the next step in her career had to be the opening of her own home staging company. Here, she offers her clients the best of both worlds: Luxury at an affordable price. 

Born in New York, David has ten years of hands-on experience  and an impressive knowledge of the New York market. He began his Real Estate career while he was in college but always aiming for more, David decided to attend law school where he studied real estate law and later went on to pass the New York Bar.

Aware of his established credibility as an attorney, as well as his advanced knowledge of Real Estate, David has been striving throughout the years to cultivate an extensive network of clients, brokers, and attorneys that lead him to partner up with the talented Alexandra Toubiana and pursue this successful adventure.

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