The only company in New York City that offers an All Inclusive Service to optimize every single inch of your property.


Exclusive Staging is the only company in New York City to offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE to optimize every single inch of your property.

Our focus is to create a lifestyle for targeted buyers. Our team of experts will show your property through its best angles by using a modern and elegant design that pleases the widest target audience. This will be done by picking furniture, colors, and materials that speak to everyone while removing any personal items that could distract the client from seeing your apartment as their future home. It is a crucial element for making the sale happen.

Based on your neighborhood and apartment’s features, we will work on a custom presentation, and will personally select every single piece of furniture in our Warehouse to transform your apartment, making it luxurious and cozy in only 5 to 7 days!


We Work

Our years of experience helped us create a well-ran 7-step system. Our team of experts thoroughly manage each stage to guarantee a smooth process for Real Estate brokers and their clients.

You Should Stage Your Home


Faster Sale

Staged apartments spend 73% less time on the market than non-staged units.*

Higher Sale Price

Staging will help you optimize your space and sell your apartment for 10-25% more than non-staged properties.*

Tax Deductible

Staging Expenses can be deducted from your capital gain tax.**


* Data provided by the National Association of REALTOR 2016 and The Real Estate Staging Association.
** Tax deductions are valid only if the property has not been delisted or destaged before final sale.