The only company in New York City that offers an All Inclusive Service to optimize every single inch of your property.

New York Interior
Design Firm

Exclusive Staging & Design is an Interior Design firm committed to providing our clients with the most luxurious service possible. Our years of expertise and strive to make homes more lovable, luxurious and functional led us to manage every single project from conception to completion with a 100% client satisfaction rate.

The Interior Design department is specialized in creating unique interiors with emphasis placed on client’s need before coming up with an appropriate design solution. We will walk you through every step of your project and dedicate ourselves to translating your vision into a beautiful reality.



& Define

To create a great space, our team of interior designers will meet our clients to understand their lifestyle, their needs, and aesthetic preferences. At first, discussions will focus on the functional needs for the space and the client’s preferred aesthetic. We will tour the space together and start to get a sense of our design direction for your home. Our objective during this visit will be to learn more about your design needs and get a clear understanding of your expectations for the space.


Analyze& Evaluate

Our discovery process gives us all we need to analyze and evaluate the design possibilities for your home and create a custom proposal to meet our client’s needs. All our design ideas are organized into a presentation that offers different furniture options, lighting, materials, fabrics and colors. Our 3 Dimensional Floor-plan will create a realistic feel and connect all the design elements together. It will definitely give our clients a better idea of their new apartment.


Refine& Decide

Providing our client with options will help us make sure that their needs are met. If modifications are needed, our design team will work on alternative solutions. Due to our years of expertise and projects throughout out the world, we surround ourselves with the best artisans in the country and we will be able to go beyond regular layout complication and propose our clients custom-made furniture pieces (headboard, console table, shelving etc…). When all revisions are finalized, our buying department will complete final orders and create a timeline to execute the project.


Execute& Install

Once all the design elements are in place, our team of designers will manage and coordinate every step of the installation process. We work closely with a team of movers, architects and contractors who will take care of everything, from furniture placement and the positioning of the light fixtures to artwork and decorative elements. After the project is completed, our client will receive a personal file with all the product information, warranty and care instructions.